Lingerie for women



Owning certain essential pieces of fashion in your wardrobe like a white t-shirt or a pair of black pumps can amp up a dull look. Although many forget the most essential in a woman’s closet: Lingerie. Good lingerie is a foundation to any outfit and the right one can completely elevate your look.

A good pair of underwear has many qualities including comfort, the material used, texture, color, fit and more than any makes you feel confident. This also depends on what you may or may not like, your personal preference. If you think about it, some love their boy shorts but some find them unsexy likewise some find thong the true lingerie queen whereas many find it not right for any situation at all.

Most of the time we concentrate on buying a bunch of different styles underwear from g-strings to thongs and briefs to boy shorts. All these choices depend on our comfort, style and practicality. You won’t be wearing your sexiest thong for a work out session nor a brief will look good underneath tight dresses. Picking a pair of panties from best online lingerie stores can certainly tell what a woman’s plans and expectations are for that day. Keeping that in mind, here are five different pair of underwear styles that every woman should own.

Seamless Panty- Wearing something for a fancy cocktail party or planning on wearing fitted bottoms, everything is perfect but you can see the dreaded panty lines. What do you do? Seamless panties are here to help. These have non-sewn edges making the seams completely absent so you won’t be caught off-guard. Perfect to wear under tight fitting clothes including yoga pants, bodycon, latex or for that matter any outfit of your choice.

Thongs- Sometimes going commando feels like a great option when you are not in the mood of wearing any undies. But most of the times it is absolutely necessary to wear one so you don’t get caught in your own Marilyn Monroe moment. If you are questioning what’s the best underwear to save yourself from the dreaded panty-line, a thong is your answer. Best for wearing with a body-hugging outfit or any bodycon dress. If you are in the mood of something more seductive, you opt for a g-string.

Control Briefs- Perfect for the days when you want something snug, high-waist and ultra-comfortable. The best part is that the control briefs give you flat tummy making it perfect to wear under anything. This genius invention compresses the tummy and the side bulges so you can wear that fitted blouse with confidence. You can even go for a seamless tummy-tucker for a smooth look. A functional piece, this can be your best buddy when you want to rock those skinny jeans.

Basic Hipsters- An essential for everyone and must for your panty drawer. The best thing about these babies is that they are available in various waist length, be it- high, medium, and low. The full-back coverage makes this highly-comfortable and perfect for everyday use, so make sure you have plenty of these.

Boyshorts- The name says it all, these were inspired by men’s underwear and are quite convenient. The full coverage makes these babies perfect as loungewear. These can be easily paired with flared skirts or dresses to save you from any awkward situation.

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