Whether you are in a long term relationship or have just got into one, date nights can certainly take your relationship with your partner to the next level. These sexy date night ideas can help you inspire and team up a mundane evening.

Before we go any further, follow these three golden rules to make your date night fun:

i)No fighting- Don’t bring any kind of negativity in your date. If you can, try to keep everything clear.
ii)Avoid unpleasantries- Remember, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
iii) Do Something Interactive- Don’t just do the same thing over and over again, the idea is to have fun.

These three golden rules will assure that you have a great date night. To get the most out of your date, plan something new and interesting. If you are still confused or aren’t sure about how to spice up your date night, we are here to help:

1. Go Unconventional- Most of the time couples prefer going to a place they have already been before. Whether it’s a restaurant or a club, they want to stay within their comfort-zone. If you still aren’t too keen on getting into something new, go to a restaurant but not to your usual one. Try mixing up a few things instead of going to that Italian restaurant, go for a Peruvian one. Or you can go for an unconventional place to dine out.

2. Dress seductive- Buy some sexy lingerie online, try it on and give your partner a peek while you dine in. Behave like a seductress or if you are feeling like it, a dominatrix. Get your partner all hot and bothered. They say less is more, so why not show it all?

3. Pick up an activity- Although nothing beats the old school dinner and movie date night but sometimes it can get redundant. Rather than sitting throughout the date, you can try a new activity. Dancing is something both of you can do and enjoy. Indulge in a dancing class, anything you may prefer. You never know if you & your partner turn out to be great dancer and be the envy of everyone around you.

4. Back to Square One- We know we said to not do the same thing again but this is your first date we are talking about. The best part is you can pretend to be in an actual first date and dress up like the day you had. Ask each other questions about their dreams, their favorite music and so on. You never know what surprise you may get.

5. Don’t go out- Some of you may find this idea weird but spending the night together in your home, alone can be the best date. You can get kinky all night long without any judgmental look. Start off your date with a couple massage. Once that’s done cook, wine and dine but make sure you have sent the kids to their grandparents.

6. Bring that teenage spirit- For a relationship to thrive, you need to be keep the passion burning. Being monotonous can come out as boring. Spice things up, act like a teen on a date. Make out on the backseat of your car. Like a teen high on hormones, you and your partner can look out for a make out place and do everything you did as a teen.

7. Go Fancy- Pampering yourself every now and then can be great way tune out from the troubles. Splurging on date night and making it to a two-day event. Check into a luxurious hotel and make the most out of the room. From jumping up and down on the plush bed to eating out everything (almost everything) you eat.

A date night is basically giving an undivided attention to your partner. So make sure you make the most out of this time and have fun with your lover. Deals By Post brings you the premium quality lingerie at jaw-dropping prices.