Rose Gold has taken the fashion industry by storm due to its soft color which brings out the natural blush tones from your skin color. The best part about rose gold is that it looks great on almost all skin tones, be it fair, olive or brown. The rosy sheen makes this metal ethereal and is a romantic choice for engagement rings.
What is rose gold made of?
The stunning metal is actually an alloy of gold and copper. The copper gives a red tone to the yellowish hue gold already has. Also known as Russian Gold due to its popularity in Russia in the nineteenth century, Rose gold jewelry has become popular in the 21st century.
The popularity of mixed gold metal is due to gold be too soft in its purest form and can bend out of shape easily. That’s why gold is mixed with a harder metal so it can sustain its shape. For Rose gold, copper is used for this purpose and it doesn’t take away the value of the gold in any way but a firm shape with a beautiful rose glow that truly makes your heart skips a beat.
Now we have covered all the curiosity about rose gold, we know that this is here to stay forever. Let us see how you can rock this charming metal and invest in good jewelry online in Canada:

  • Rose Gold on rose gold chains: A gold chain may feel like you are a rapper in making but that’s not at all true. Style a rose gold rope chain necklace and style it with a brooch or a pendant. One thing you can do is mix thick chains in various lengths for a casual chic outfit or dainty chain to go with the monochrome business attire.
  • Rose Gold jewelry and Pearls: Pearls are ageless, you have seen your grandmother wearing it. It may feel pass√© to many but trust us when we say this, Pearl is a timeless piece that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. But wait, before you start taking out and flaunt that gorgeous pearl strings your mother has saved, wait for a second. As faux pearl is more popular this year, we recommend you mix this iridescent piece with your rose gold accessories. A single mother of pearl on a rose gold chain can give a chic look fit for a date with your girlfriends. You can stack your pearl bracelet with a solid rose gold one for a work look.
  • Rose gold with Black Dress: Rose gold certainly looks amazing in every color but it truly brightens up on a black dress. The contrast of blush tones with dark color makes for a powerful duo. Pair a dainty necklace with a sweetheart black dress or stack those single string bracelets to bring the heat up.
  • Rose Gold Hoops with Maxi Dresses: Hoop earrings are huge, and we don’t mean only the size. Popularized in the 1960s, these earrings have gotten big with time. The rose gold version of this piece can amp up your mundane look. You can pair this up with almost everything but looks great with maxi dresses to give flower child, bohemian look.
  • Statement rings in rose gold: If you aren’t into jewelry and want to start with something, a ring is something you can invest in. Plus what’s even better is that with rose gold rings you don’t need to balance the colors of your clothes.

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